Closet Organizers for Taming Expansive Wardrobes

Most people are not lucky enough to have an expansive walk-in closet like the one so famously gifted to Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in the City. Instead, we continuously fight for space, stuffing closets to the gills until they are completely unmanageable. Luckily, there is help for storage space challenged peons such as us, and it comes in the form of closet organizers. Simple tools like shelves, racks and special hangers can tame even the most expansive wardrobe into submission, so your days of scrounging for matching shoes or accessories are over.

Perhaps the simplest fix for those with too many clothes in too little a space are specially designed space saving hangers that maximize vertical space so clothes take up less room horizontally. As seen on TV, the Wonder Hanger is just such an item. Available as an eight pack, these hangers can triple closet space because they allow you to put five pieces of clothing on one single hanger.

This magical little invention lets you drop it vertically from the closet rod so that clothes hang in layered tiers. It can also rest on the rod horizontally if space is not an issue. Better still is that managing clothing on these hangers is a breeze, with Wonder Hanger’s easy “on and off” design. Made of tough polypropylene, Wonder Hangers are strong enough to handle five winter coats at a time without cracking, sagging or bending. They each measure 9 ¾ by 1 by ¼ inches.

Another similar item is Steel Hanger Cascader. Sold in sets of two, this unique hanger also lets you maximize closet space by featuring a vertical drop. The Hanger Cascader lets you fit your own hangers into the allotted slots so that they hang down in tiers. This sturdy space saver is made of chrome finish iron and measures 10 ¼ by ¾ inches.

If purses are the items that wreak havoc on your closet space, the key to keeping them manageable is a handy Purse Rack. Available as a set of two, a purse rack makes organizing handbags as simple as using just hooks and straps. On each strap, there are eight adjustable hooks to hang bags for easy viewable storage of sixteen purses. Simply hang the strap on a door or mount it on a wall. Hardware for mounting is included. For door installation, no tools are required.

As with handbags, many women have a tendency to acquire an Imelda Marcos-sized shoe collection over the course of their adult lives. But the problem with shoes is that most folks actually need a pair for them to be useful. Sadly, many a Manolo has flown solo on more than one occasion, rendering their fashionable status rather useless. There is, however, a simple solution to the madness that will keep your lefts with your rights.

With the Black Over the Door 26 Pair Shoe Organizer, women will truly be able to put their best feet forward, since they will be able to choose from an organized collection. Because of the over-the-door design, this organizer will not take up precious closet space. It holds up to 26 pairs of shoes but can also be used to store belts and other accessories. The Over the Door 26 Pair Shoe Organizer has a see-through mesh front for easy viewing, and hangs on the door with included hooks. Made of durable polyester, this organizer measures 22 by 6 by 63 inches and fits door widths up to 1 7/8 inches.

On the gender-neutral side of organization, the Overdoor Cap Organizer can help keep baseball caps and other hats from giving you a headache. As with the over door shoe organizer, this cap control tool fits over the door and hangs from hooks and reinforced grommets. The Cap Organizer holds two dozen caps. It is made of breathable polyester backing and has clear vinyl pockets for easy viewing.

For overall organization, shelf dividers and stackable closet shelves are great tools to keep clothing, accessories and shoes from merging into one shapeless blob of the unrecognizable. Folks with existing closet shelves will find Shelf Dividers to be an incredible tool to keep messy piles of clothing organized. These organizers slide onto closet shelves to create instant order to the chaos and allow you to customize your closet shelf space. Available in sets of four, these shelf dividers come in either wood or coated wire.

For closets that need shelving, Stackable Closet Shelves are a great way to add structure and keep shoes, accessories and clothing organized. For maximum organization, these shelves can be stacked together for more storage. Better still, these shelves are a cinch to assemble, requiring no tools.