Closet Organizers for Taming Expansive Wardrobes

Most people are not lucky enough to have an expansive walk-in closet like the one so famously gifted to Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in the City. Instead, we continuously fight for space, stuffing closets to the gills until they are completely unmanageable. Luckily, there is help for storage space challenged peons such as us, and it comes in the form of closet organizers. Simple tools like shelves, racks and special hangers can tame even the most expansive wardrobe into submission, so your days of scrounging for matching shoes or accessories are over.

Perhaps the simplest fix for those with too many clothes in too little a space are specially designed space saving hangers that maximize vertical space so clothes take up less room horizontally. As seen on TV, the Wonder Hanger is just such an item. Available as an eight pack, these hangers can triple closet space because they allow you to put five pieces of clothing on one single hanger.

This magical little invention lets you drop it vertically from the closet rod so that clothes hang in layered tiers. It can also rest on the rod horizontally if space is not an issue. Better still is that managing clothing on these hangers is a breeze, with Wonder Hanger’s easy “on and off” design. Made of tough polypropylene, Wonder Hangers are strong enough to handle five winter coats at a time without cracking, sagging or bending. They each measure 9 ¾ by 1 by ¼ inches.

Another similar item is Steel Hanger Cascader. Sold in sets of two, this unique hanger also lets you maximize closet space by featuring a vertical drop. The Hanger Cascader lets you fit your own hangers into the allotted slots so that they hang down in tiers. This sturdy space saver is made of chrome finish iron and measures 10 ¼ by ¾ inches.

If purses are the items that wreak havoc on your closet space, the key to keeping them manageable is a handy Purse Rack. Available as a set of two, a purse rack makes organizing handbags as simple as using just hooks and straps. On each strap, there are eight adjustable hooks to hang bags for easy viewable storage of sixteen purses. Simply hang the strap on a door or mount it on a wall. Hardware for mounting is included. For door installation, no tools are required.

As with handbags, many women have a tendency to acquire an Imelda Marcos-sized shoe collection over the course of their adult lives. But the problem with shoes is that most folks actually need a pair for them to be useful. Sadly, many a Manolo has flown solo on more than one occasion, rendering their fashionable status rather useless. There is, however, a simple solution to the madness that will keep your lefts with your rights.

With the Black Over the Door 26 Pair Shoe Organizer, women will truly be able to put their best feet forward, since they will be able to choose from an organized collection. Because of the over-the-door design, this organizer will not take up precious closet space. It holds up to 26 pairs of shoes but can also be used to store belts and other accessories. The Over the Door 26 Pair Shoe Organizer has a see-through mesh front for easy viewing, and hangs on the door with included hooks. Made of durable polyester, this organizer measures 22 by 6 by 63 inches and fits door widths up to 1 7/8 inches.

On the gender-neutral side of organization, the Overdoor Cap Organizer can help keep baseball caps and other hats from giving you a headache. As with the over door shoe organizer, this cap control tool fits over the door and hangs from hooks and reinforced grommets. The Cap Organizer holds two dozen caps. It is made of breathable polyester backing and has clear vinyl pockets for easy viewing.

For overall organization, shelf dividers and stackable closet shelves are great tools to keep clothing, accessories and shoes from merging into one shapeless blob of the unrecognizable. Folks with existing closet shelves will find Shelf Dividers to be an incredible tool to keep messy piles of clothing organized. These organizers slide onto closet shelves to create instant order to the chaos and allow you to customize your closet shelf space. Available in sets of four, these shelf dividers come in either wood or coated wire.

For closets that need shelving, Stackable Closet Shelves are a great way to add structure and keep shoes, accessories and clothing organized. For maximum organization, these shelves can be stacked together for more storage. Better still, these shelves are a cinch to assemble, requiring no tools.

Kitchen Hardware – Perfect For a New Or Remodeled Kitchen

If you’ve recently undergone a kitchen remodeling project, you have probably given the large elements of your kitchen a makeover. From new appliances to new flooring, your space has completely transformed. Now that you’ve tackled the big home repairs, it’s time to accessorize your kitchen and give it the pizzazz it deserves. Although you may not always think about them, the small details in your kitchen are what ultimately bring together your decorative theme. Kitchen hardware doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it’s one of the most inexpensive decorative elements that your kitchen houses. By adding decorative and coordinated home hardware into your new kitchen, you make your redesigned space even better. Although they’re small in size and price, these detailed pieces make a big impact on your room.

Kitchen remodeling doesn’t end after the wood flooring has been laid and the countertops have been installed. Although these are beautiful pieces that will last in your home for years to come, it’s important to compliment them with kitchen hardware that will enhance your design. By just concentrating on the large elements of your room, you’re not allowing your space to reach its full decorative potential. Think of the end tables in your home. Although they’re strong, decorative pieces by themselves, they’re even better when you place an interesting lamp or vase on them. Things like door handles and cabinet knobs are small accents in the room, but with the right selection – they can enhance the larger elements in the room. Your brand new cabinets might be absolutely gorgeous alongside your stainless steel appliances. By adding sleek, silver cabinet door handles to your cabinets – you’ve instantly coordinated your appliances to your cabinetry. With thousands of ways to make kitchen hardware decorative and complimentary, you’ll be able to find the right accents for your current decorative theme.

By choosing kitchen hardware that is beautiful, yet traditional – you’ll be adding pieces into your space that will continue to grow with your kitchen. It’s a fact that home decorating trends are constantly changing. Just like our wardrobes, pieces we own constantly go in and out of style. When choosing home hardware, you have the option to go with pieces that are classic. With these classic additions you won’t have to worry about also changing your kitchen hardware when you replace other elements in the room like flooring and appliances. Less work means less stress.

Another great thing about kitchen hardware is that you don’t have to undergo another kitchen remodeling project just to install them. Many homeowners are under the impression that every single home repair project has to mean large amounts of time and money spent. This definitely does not apply to installing things like door handles and drawer pulls. Although these are pieces that will make an impact, they can easily be installed in just a few hours. Without dragging out a whole cavalcade of tools, you’ll be able to add beauty and detail into your home. If you’re looking for a beginners project, a project to do with the kids, or just something to occupy yourself on a rainy day, installing kitchen hardware is a perfect solution.

So whether you have recently undergone the big kitchen remodeling project, or you’re simply looking for a way to add a bit of detail into your kitchen – considering decorative, colorful, detailed, or even traditional kitchen hardware is an inexpensive and easy solution for you. The large elements in your kitchen are typically the first things visitors notice, but without the small details in the room – their design is greatly compromised. By taking every design aspect into consideration when remodeling or redecorating – you can be sure that your kitchen will reach it’s maximum decorative potential.

How to Get Bargain Bedroom Furniture on a Tight Budget

Are you shopping for bedroom furniture on a tight budget? When furniture shopping, knowing where to buy them cheap is often the easiest part of the equation. The biggest problem comes in making sure you actually get what you need. Where many shoppers fail is that they go to their local branch of Ikea or Targets and are immediately conquered when they see a nice design they like. They plunk down their credit card, and when they reach home and install their purchase they find that… Oops! Maybe they should have spent more time looking.

Just because you found bedroom furniture that is cheap and looks nice does not mean that you should buy it immediately. If you do not want to suffer from buyer’s remorse, follow the steps below:

1. What do you really need and do you really need it? Don’t let your daughter get away with saying, “I need a nightstand.” Ask her why she needs a nightstand. Don’t let your wife get away with just asking for a new wardrobe. Why does she want a new wardrobe? Is it because she has too many clothes or too many shoes? Maybe she should give some of her old clothes away to the Salvation Army or put them into storage. But maybe it’s because your family stores common household items like spare curtains and blankets in your master bedroom wardrobe. If that is the case, maybe what you need is a place to store these items when they are not in use.

Have you considered making do without that item of furniture? For example, many people never ever consider the idea of sleeping on the floor. Sure, most of us need a mattress. But how many of us really need a bed? While sleeping on a bed is traditional and expected, isn’t putting food in your family’s bellies more important? You do have a tight budget, right?

2. Now that you know you really need to get something, it is time to set your budget. How much can you afford to spend? Subtract 30% for miscellaneous expenses like taxes, delivery costs and maybe even installation charges.

3. Now that you have determined what you really need to do and have an amount you can afford to spend, it is time to figure out what kind of furniture is needed and where you can install or place that new piece of furniture. For example, common household items like spare curtains and bedding for the guest room are rarely changed or taken out. You do not want dust to get on them, and you do not want cobwebs and silverfish and other little bugs getting to them either. An airtight container is ideal. For example, there are many cheap large plastic tubs with airtight lids where you can put in mothballs and never worry about for months. They are transparent or translucent so you can see what you have actually put inside them, and they are stackable so you can save space by stacking several containers together. All you need to do is to pick the right sizes so that you can hide them under your bed or put them on top of your existing wardrobe.

The airtight plastic containers are just an example. Think out of the box for uncommon solutions that can do the job needed at a lower cost. So what if it does not look good? All that matters is that the item of “furniture” you chose is robust enough to last you a few years until you can afford something better. Remember that beggars can’t be choosers. If you want to be picky, you had better have the spare cash to back it up.

4. Now it is time to figure out where to buy what you need. Again, don’t just look at the obvious. Going back to our plastic container example, don’t just look for it in furniture shops. Maybe your local plastic goods emporium sells what you need at a cheaper price. Maybe your neighborhood general hardware store can give you a better bargain.

Don’t forget that not everything needs to be bought new. Sometimes you can buy used pieces of furniture at a garage sale. Be patient and check the classified ads of your newspaper.

Have you considered making your own bedroom furniture? While you probably can’t make something big like a bed or a wardrobe, something smaller and simpler like a shelf or a storage bin should be possible. After all, you just need to buy some wooden planks and hammer some nails into them to join the pieces together. So what if the joints aren’t quite square? If it bothers you, fill up the gaps with some cheap wood putty.


Are you laboring under a tight budget? When looking for bargain bedroom furniture, you may get more use out of your cash by thinking out of the box. Figure out what you really need, then find out how to get it for the cheapest price. Far too many people spend more than they can afford to buy the obvious things. Can you afford to do the same?

Home Decoration Made Easy With the Use Cabinets

Home is a place where we spent a considerable period of our entire life. Therefore it is undoubtedly an important part of our life. Each one of us desires to possess a house of our dream. We nurture it and decorate it with utmost care and affection. We take care of its each and every detail, such as color of the walls, flooring, its design, and overall the furniture. Furniture constitutes the main decorating elements of our home. We select furniture for our home with proper planning and thinking. We keep various aspects in mind while purchasing furniture for our home. Things that we keep in consideration are layout of the rooms, their ambiance, and our taste as well.

Some furniture serves dual purposes. They not only make our rooms look beautiful, but also help us to store necessary things inside it. Some of them are wardrobes, divans, and cabinets. Cabinets are very useful as furniture. They not only provide a stylish look to our home, but also make our rooms and kitchen cluttered free and clean. For kitchens and bathrooms, cabinets offer numerous possibilities to make the décor more attractive and spacious at the same time. If we compare the price of the cabinets with other set of furniture, then we will find that cabinets provide us a cheaper option to decorate our rooms, bathroom, and kitchen. They are relatively cheaper than any other furniture, like sofa sets, wooden wardrobe, designer beds, etc.

Apart from the price factor, cabinets are also easy to install, and are easy to manage as well. if we take the example of other furniture, then they are quite difficult to install. But cabinets provide us an easy option to do with our home decoration. If you have the basic knowledge about the components of cabinet hardware, then it becomes very easy for you to understand the process of installation. There are basically four components or hardware in a cabinet. The main component is the cabinet door. Since they constitute the outer portion of the cabinet, therefore it is necessary that we must be careful with their designs. You should select the cabinet doors which can match or compliment the color of your room, kitchen or bathroom. If you want to give a brighter look to your room, then you can choose cabinet doors with light and bright color. Or, if you want to give a colorful appearance to hour bathroom, then there are cabinet doors with multiple colors.

Apart from the cabinet doors, cabinet knobs and pulls are said to be the next most important part of the cabinets. Cabinet knobs and pulls have a very big and huge market. You can find numerous brands with their excitingly new products. There are various materials and designs available for the cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls.

Cabinet hinges and cabinet latches are the hardware that keeps the cabinet moving and working. Therefore you must select them wisely. They may not add up to the beauty of the cabinets, but they surely decide the overall performance of the cabinets.

The Large Wardrobe – A Sizable Statement

A large wardrobe makes a sizable statement in a room. It can bring substance and elegance to a lackluster space that is short on organization. Beyond the doors of the wardrobe are endless possibilities for storage. When purchasing a large wardrobe, there are certain factors to be taken into consideration. The foremost of those is the amount of space available and your particular storage needs. Also think about how the wardrobe will complement your room’s design. Confidence in your decision will ensure that the wardrobe brings you years of functional enjoyment.

When you have a large room and want a nice place to store clothing and accessories, a large wardrobe makes a great fit. Even in a large room, there are considerations to keep in mind when placing the wardrobe. Make sure the space will accommodate the wardrobe and ensure that you have easy access to it with clearance for the doors to open easily. Make certain that there is enough space to maneuver around the wardrobe without obstacles.

Think about your storage needs. Do you require more space for those formal dresses or suits? Do you need additional storage for blankets and linens or out-of-season clothing? You can select a wardrobe that contains plenty of hanging space with the added versatility of shelving and drawer systems. Take inventory of your clothing or linens and determine how much and what kind of space you need.

A large wardrobe should contribute to the design of a room and be consistent in scale. Overpowering the rest of the furniture disturbs the balance of a room, creating a space that is visually weighty. Opt for a size that is just a little larger or the same in overall dimension as the other furnishings. Choose a finish that is similar to other pieces in the room or add interest with a contrasting treatment. Try a large wardrobe that is ornately carved and stained in a beautiful dark finish. This will bring a touch of robust elegance to a room.

Search for quality of craftsmanship. Check for stability and balance of the piece. Make sure it sits level and that all doors and drawers open smoothly. Ensure that all hardware is fastened or secured properly. Check shelving for correct fit. Inspect the overall quality of materials. Quality of craftsmanship is the key to the longevity of the wardrobe. With such a large wardrobe, you want to guarantee that it will hold up to the rigors of daily use.

Once you’ve selected the perfect large wardrobe such as a 4 door wardrobe to fit your personal style and storage needs, sit back and enjoy the benefits. Enjoy the elegance and grandeur it brings to a room. Discover the great versatility of the wardrobe, enabling you to store a variety of clothing, accessories and linens. Look forward to opening its doors for years to come.

5 Reasons to Hire an Interior Decorator

A home has to look good from the inside just as much as from the outside. Just as gardeners keep the front porch and the backyard of a house in pristine condition, an interior decorator is responsible for bringing out the best features of every room and perk up the interior of a house. While they generally cost more than your average gardener, they are more than worth it when it comes to giving your home a complete makeover. This article will be illustrating a few reasons why hiring an interior decorator for your home decoration can be a worthwhile decision on your part.

1. Interior Decorators Have a Keen Eye:

This is something that you cannot develop. Either you have it or you don’t. Interior decoration requires great attention to detail and an ever greater depth in imagination. An Interior decorator can scan a room and instantly pick up on what is working and what is not. Each ornament or piece of furniture in a room has its own vibe and aura that it portrays on the surroundings. A good interior decorator will remove the negative effects and replace it with attractive ornaments or objects that would enhance the existing look and feel of the entire house.

2. They are Good Listeners:

Many people regard this as their best quality. People want to be heard. An interior decorator will listen to all the concerns, thoughts and queries of a customer and then provide solutions based on that input. Owners should be a key part of the entire redecoration process. Their concerns must be addressed and their opinions must be weighed in. While the decorators are there to give a house a new look, both the owner and the interior decorator must be on the same page before any of the remodeling can begin and the only way that can happen is through listening.

3. Awareness of the Latest Trends:

Since their entire world revolves around interior decoration, they are always up-to-date on the latest technologies, ideas, designs and materials used in remodeling homes. Their knowledge of the latest trends far exceeds that of a common citizen. In retrospect they can be compared to walking talking design catalogs that can highlight the best and latest designs currently in use for home decor.

4. Working With Your Budget:

Unlike some professions where the price is fixed, interior decorators will work with you and your budget in order to provide you with competent customer service and back it up with quality interior decoration. Depending on the amount of money you can spend, a decorator will come up with multiple design solutions for you to choose from.

5. You Get What You Paid For:

It is always best to hire experienced decorators who have been active in the field for some time. While they can be expensive, they are a worthwhile investment when it comes to home decorations. Hiring a qualified interior decorator will take your living standard to a completely different level. Hiring a mediocre or novice one could end up costing you more in the long run.

How To Begin A Career As An Interior Decorator

Working as an interior decorator requires creativity to plan and design spaces for individuals and businesses. Interior decorators can be responsible for single rooms, entire houses, or redecorating a company’s interior. Color, paint, lighting, furniture, and artwork all play into style used to create designs for potential clients. Interior decorating allows individuals to put their creative minds and interest in design into a potentially successful career option.

While individuals do not need to have a formal education or degree to work as an interior decorator, they may want to take a few classes or earn a certificate or diploma to give credibility. Those interested in interior decorating will need to know the different types of materials and styles as well as some decorating history. With most things, practice improves performance. By helping friends and family with decorating projects, individuals are able to gain experience and build a portfolio. Some examples of ideas of ways to volunteer service could include offering to decorate a baby’s room, a new office, or staging a home that is being sold by friends to make the space more appealing.

By compiling a portfolio, individuals are able to have visual examples of their work to show to potential clients. One way to build a successful portfolio is to take before and after photos of the spaces that have been decorated. A portfolio can consist of photos, letters of recommendation, and even fabric and flooring samples. By having samples, the decorator is able to show the clients and recommend certain designs.

Decorators should have excellent communication skills to deal with clients, and store owners and suppliers with whom they will be purchasing home décor from. Some stores may even offer discounts to professional decorators. Establishing a client base is a great way create potential business. Clients can range from homeowners, boutique stores, restaurants, art galleries, or bed and breakfasts. After decorators have conducted their services, businesses can refer and/or recommend the individual to other businesses.

Jobs as an interior decorator can be competitive. To gain experience or put a degree in interior design or decorating to use, individuals could work in furniture stores or retail stores. Although interior decorators do not need a degree, individuals wanting to be an interior designer will need a bachelor’s degree in design. Both decorators and designers have many similar job duties, such as consulting with clients and overseeing the set-up of furniture.

Interior Decorating Schools – A Remarkable Career Occasion

If you desire to be a professional interior designer you must take into account any of the existing interior decorator schools. Their courses have shown that interior decorating schools are interested in creativity exploration. The programs offered will assist you become the decorator that everybody wishes. The interior decoration it ‘s very important these days and this is why it ‘s useful to attend courses at any of the interior decorating schools. Their trainees must turn into qualified interior decorators, able to materialize their artistic vision in relaxing and friendly environments. To get this title, they attended interior decorating schools for specialized teaching.

Even if we are not very demanding, the space in which we work and reside it ‘s incredibly important. A somber place of work is certainly an energy consuming environment. There are variety of factors that influence our mood and are associated with interior decorating, such as: color of the walls, the correct pieces of furniture and so forth. When you consider that you need a change, you can employ an interior designer which will make a difference in the way your environment seems to be. They combine their information and creative spirit with their clients demands.

If you assume that these are just tips and tricks, they attended interior decorating schools to become expert interior designers. You desire to specialize in interior design? First, you should evaluate your artistic sense and select one of nowadays interior decorating schools. Here are a few basic guidance courses you should check on.

* increase your graphic capabilities

Your drawing talent might necessitate a polish. As for graphics, it may necessitate qualified guidance. Specialized interior decorators have declared that graphics is key component in their profession. The technological development will come to your support with dedicated computer applications.

* interior design history

You will learn interior design trends’ evolution along the years. In order to be capable to set up your own style, you need to understand how things have progressed in this area.

* select your topic of interest: commercial or residential

If you think that one of these approaches is appropriate to your future career, try to get specialized since the very first lessons. Commercial decoration suits you best if you desire to be implicated in initiatives with high visibility. On the other hand, if you love to assist people improve their life, select the residential approach, you will bring a smile on their faces.

* ergonomics

Ergonomics it ‘s extremely important for all of us. If you will attend the courses of any of the existing interior decorating schools, you will study all about ergonomics. We all confront with the lack of space. Through efficiency and improved allocation of space, these shortcomings must be eliminated.

* study of materials

It ‘s not an easy mission to pick the suitable supplies for your projects You need to know everything associated to the supplies that you use.

Don ‘t think that study is enough. Interior decorating schools offer many options, but you also have to work hard. Try to be more empathetic and improve those skills essential to identify your client ‘s profile, anticipate his tastes in terms of interior decoration. Everything is related to how the clients feel after the project is ready.